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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Lync and polycom CX600 – waiting for time service after connection to pc followed by sign in failure.

When you configure dhcp to support UC devices, specifically the Polycom CX600, I have found that there is one option the dhcputil and dhcpconfigscript doesnt set that i’ve needed in my environment to get the handsets to actually work. Though i acknowledge that i may have missed some piece of fundamental documentation elsewhere in my hurry to get these working.

Although the windows time server in my dhcp options was set, the NTP server was not (option 42), without option 42 being set i had the following error in the SIP/S4 trace, “The connection was closed before TLS negotiation completed. Did the remote peer accept our certificate?” followed by a request to check username and password and the handset failing to sign in.

Once NTP server is set in dhcp the handset signs in pretty much straightaway either over usb or direct sign in via phone number and pin entry.

Hopefully this will help someone else.