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MDT 2013 – WSUS updates not installing in task sequence

Following this great technet KB, i had issues applying WSUS updates to a reference image.

The pre and post application installation tasks were not running properly, although they didn’t error they failed to actually do anything. When i reviewed the ZTIWindowsUpdate.log i found this:

Command Line Procesed Query=False Registered=False  UpdateCommand=[IsInstalled = 0 and IsHidden = 0 and Type = ‘Software’]

Error searching for updates: Not Connected to Internet? (-2145107924)

This is despite telling it to connect to my wsus box.This job was running after an Office 365 2013 pro plus click to run installation.

I created a new command line task to run ZTIWindowsUpdate before the application installation, immediately after Tatoo and it completed just fine. Googled for hours, found nothing – this worked for me.


Sysprep 3.14 error when imaging Windows 8.1/2012 R2

If you have to build any 8.1 or 8 desktops/laptops and image them, heed the below advice or waste days. If you sysprep a machine more than an hour after installing it you will get a Sysprep 3.14 error and will be led a merry dance across the google wasteland. In short, to fix this you have to run the below command lifted from this link: as soon as the machine is installed to have any hope of sysprepping it. If you leave it more than an hour – you are stuffed as the below mentioned job will have already run.

From this site i quote:

  • If you attempt to run Sysprep.exe to create a WIM image more than one hour after the first user has logged on to the newly installed operating system, Sysprep.exe will fail. A scheduled maintenance task that recovers disk space by removing unused features is the cause.

    To avoid this, disable the maintenance task immediately after completing Setup. You can disable the task with this command:

    Schtasks.exe /change /disable /tn “\Microsoft\Windows\AppxDeploymentClient\Pre-staged app cleanup”

  • If you deploy an image using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013 or Unattend.exe and include CopyProfile=true in the answer file, the deployment will fail with a “location is not available” error or each new login attempt will create a new temporary user account profile.

    To avoid this, do not use CopyProfile=true in the answer file. There is no other workaround at this time.

Apparently this was also a bug in the preview release.