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VMWare vCenter Converter “Unable to obtain hardware information for the selected machine.”

When converting a machine from VMWare Workstation to another virtualisation platform you may come up against a “Unable to obtain hardware information for the selected machine.” warning and red cross after selecting the VM you wish to convert.

This is easily resolved, simply right click the VMWare VCenter Converter icon/start menu item and select run as administrator.


Server 2012 on Vmware ESXi – “Your computer ran into a problem and needs to restart”

Trying to migrate a 2012 VM from VMWare Workstation 9 to an ESXi host i found i saw the ‘sad face’, as below.

“Your computer ran into a problem and needs to restart”

A little research led me to this: but actually patching ESX was not something I’d done for some time, and before i think i used update manager.

A little digging led me here which is much clearer than the vmware instructions for patching. Many thanks Chris! Simply upload the patch to a datastore, enable ssh (or do from console), put server in maintenance mode, run the patch as Chris’ link shows, reboot, and your 2012 and Windows 8 VM’s will now boot just fine.