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Install Windows 8 Enterprise onto Surface Pro – Easy thanks to Rufus

The new MS Surface Pro is a fantastic bit of kit – however it comes installed with Windows 8 Pro, a lot of enterprises will want to get Windows 8 Enterprise onto it so they can take advantage of DirectAccess etc.

First things first get the Microsoft surface pro wireless drivers down from MS update catalogue or similar:

Marvell AVASTAR 350N driver – Put this on a usb stick.

Now get hold of a copy of the Windows 8 x64 enterprise ISO and a 4gb+ usb stick.

Download this fabulous utility: and run it with admin rights, set it to point to the 4gb usb disk you are happy to wipe with settings similar to the below and point it to the windows 8 x64 enterprise ISO location on your machine and it will build a bootable usb from the iso.

New Picture (2)

While this boot disk is building (assuming you have another machine to do this on) hold down volume up and power on your surface whilst still holding down volume up. A couple of options will appear, one for the TPM one for secure boot, select secure boot and disable it. Save settings.

Boot into windows, hold down windows + r and type shutdown.exe /r /o /t 10 – this will reboot into advanced options after 10 seconds (if it’s tricksy add /f to force shutdown).

When it restarts select boot from USB device and you should shortly see the windows enterprise installer. Delete old main partition and install fresh using the wizard.

Once the installer finishes and you’ve logged on, insert the usb stick with the wireless driver you’ve just downloaded, extract it and install it through device manager or manually by right clicking the extracted .sys file.

You should now be able to connect to Windows update and pull down all the rest of the drivers and the surface pro firmware update, and other necessary windows updates etc.

I found i was able to add office to the completed install and still sysprep it, but if i added much more to the image before sysprepping it (Wireshark, LPS, Sophos, Skype, VLC, Chrome etc) it caused sysprep to fail and ruined the image. I’ll work through what caused this to fail and post back here.

Use the Windows ADK with Rufus to build a winpe boot disk to capture the sysprepped image with dism as perĀ, then you can deploy at your leisure to other surface pros.